Thank you for visiting our web-site. The Equay Wiigamig Women's Shelter was developed to provide safety, security, education, and advocacy to individuals and families dealing with the effects of domestic violence and abuse.

We hope our web-site will address any questions you may have regarding the cycle of abuse. Keep in mind, there is always help available and anyone can change their circumstances to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. Education and awareness of your choices are key to creating the change you desire in your heart.
You have choices
The first step to change is realizing you have choices and no one deserves to be abused. Our thoughts are powerful and so are the words we speak.

You can break the chains of domestic violence and abuse. You have the power to become more than just a survivor, you have the power to heal from domestic violence and abuse and change your circumstances.

Remember, what you are going through and what has happened to you does not define the rest of your life or who you are. You are not alone and there is help available.
Change takes time...
Listening to your heart and mind is crucial to good decision making regarding your life, relationships, and goals.

Connect with your body. Your body is sacred and should be cherished. No one has the right to hurt you or harm your body.

Listen to your intuition. When your intuition is telling you something is wrong. Follow it.
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Break the Chains of
Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse
It's vital that we erase negative thoughts about ourselves and focus on our strengths, not our weaknesses. Negative thinking only brings negative results. Positive thinking will change your mood, attitude, and outlook. Systematically, changing your life.

Abuse is never the victim's fault. It is a choice made by the perpetrator. People are in control of how they are going to react to people and situations. We have the ability to make choices.
Abuse is a choice.